Who We are?

NAVTEL is a service and quality driven company. We offer our Clients professional consulting for installation and maintenance of electronic security equipment.


The main criteria for us to recommended equipment and installation of systems are:

  • Provide innovative, effective and reliable solution
  • No proprietary equipment and not be product bound
  • List item
  • Availibility of technical support at all times
  • The equipment utilised must be cost effective and of high quality
  • Possibility for remote diagnostics

NAVTEL deploys integrated electronic security solutions appropriate to the risk. Our Integrated Systems Division designs, supplies and integrates advanced computerised electronic systems.

The experience and expertise of NAVTEL is combined to handle applications typical of hotels, retail stores, banks, as well as mines, factories and power stations. In fact the meeting of most communication and security needs in almost any application.

Technology-based solutions are an integral part of NAVTEL total capability. The Company has the ability to provide unique services and products, which matches the needs of its clients in a continually changing environment. It is committed to the development, supply and maintenance of sophisticated electronic communication and security systems.

NAVTEL has invested considerable resources in developing and enhancing solutions to today’s’ problems in communication and security needs. NAVTEL will assure you of innovative solutions to your system applications.