Fire Detection & Protection

Fire alarm systems are one of the best investments a business can make to ensure it is protected from fire.


Disruption to business such as loss of data or key business equipment can take time to replace or is irreplaceable. For staff safety, what systems are in place to prevent injury or the loss of life? If you have the right fire alarm installed in your premises it means that your staff and visitors will be safe and even if a fire does break out, they can safely escape from the building.

We offer industry leading fire and smoke detection designed to help protect people and property. Fire safety is critical for every home and business and we understand how to protect your business premises or home. Preventing fire is not always assured, so having the right technology to detect and alert you to fire is essential for protecting assets and saving lives. Our fire alarm monitoring service saves lives by enabling fast alerts for the emergency services. Our fire detection and alarm systems offer reliable, early detection of all fire types and protect life, property and assist business by detecting fire at the earliest stage, allowing more time to evacuate, respond and extinguish fires before they become life, building or business critical.

Fire Alarm Control Panel

thumb_fire_alarm_control_panelA fire alarm control panel is the controlling component of a fire alarm system which is ideal for small schools, stores, restaurants, and apartment complexes. The control panel will receive information from input devices such as smoke detectors and heat detectors. In turn, the panel will process that information and trigger an alarm and/or sirens and strobes. Home Security Store features conventional fire alarm control panels with a variety of numbered zones. They are designed with the latest in microprocessor technology to meet the most demanding conventional releasing applications.

Emergency Voice Evacuation System

thumb_voice_evacuation_systemsMass communication systems are becoming more important in today’s world. Mass notification and voice evacuation systems must have the reliability and flexibility to effectively get the right message to the right people at the right time – under all emergency circumstances. Through concise, timely and event-specific voice and visual messages, a mass notification system (MNS) communicates what to do in response to threat.

Fire Sprinkler Systems

thumb_fire_sprinkler_systemsAutomatic fire sprinkler systems also known as a wet pipe systems are widely regarded as the most effective method of controlling fires caused by a broad range of hazards. NAVTEL offers end-to-end sprinkler solutions to protect your people, business and assets.


Fire Supression Solutions

thumb_Fire_Supression_SolutionsGas (Gaseous)

These work by starving a fire of oxygen or heat and therefore eliminating the fire. The system will detect a fire usually by smoke detectors and trigger a series of outputs which release a gas agent into the protected area. The gas then suffocates the fire by removing the oxygen or heat needed for the fire to burn.

Water Mist

The use of gas to flood a room may not always solve a particular fire hazard. High risk applications such as ovens and fat fryers can negate the use of a gas system as they may be in an open area or confined oven space where enclosure integrity may cause an issue.


These systems are similar to the above but use an expanding foam solution mixed with water to extinguish the fire. Foam systems are useful for companies which cannot afford the expensive tank and pump system to operate the sprinklers or for when there is a particularly high risk of high flammable liquid which may need cover.


These suppression systems are designed specifically for the food and restaurant business, cooker hobs and deep fat fires are on obvious place for a fire to start in a canteen, hotel, restaurant or any place which involves regular cooking in a professional kitchen.