Asset & Vehicle Tracking

Reduce losses, increase productivity, and improve profits through accurate bar code and RFID asset tracking and management.


Cost-effectively meet virtually any tracking need regardless of size or security level with our asset tracking solutions. Our bar code and RFID solutions simplify the recording of changes to an asset’s location, condition and availability—ensuring timely and accurate information is available to you and your staff. Our innovative location solutions provide state-of-the-art location infrastructure, tags and software to locate, track, manage, and maximize the utilization of high-value assets, equipment, and people. Whether tracking containers or pallets through a supply chain, optimizing manufacturing fulfillment and replenishment, or providing wide-area asset traceability provide constant visibility. Our solutions enable you and your team to have access to real time data for faster and smarter decision making.

NAVTEL Technology Inc provides GPS Vehicle Tracking Systems to businesses with vehicle fleets of all sizes. We are dedicated to equipping you with powerful tools for cost control and accountability that guarantee increased productivity, efficiency, and profits. Business owners and fleet managers have installed our GPS Fleet Management and GPS Tracking Systems in their service, sales, delivery, long haul trucking, & personal vehicles to make their business more efficient.

We offer GPS Tracking Solutions which are cost effective and feature rich. Real Time Vehicle Tracking Systems, stolen car recovery and all satellite based monitoring and communication systems for any time-anywhere equipment tracking. These Tracking Devices provide accurate text reports of travel & stop times, locations, speed, and map displays showing routes traveled. Easy-to-read reports and maps provide managers and dispatchers the opportunity to monitor driver/vehicle efficiency and productivity using real time or historical data.

Our Solutions include:

  • Barcode Asset Tracking
  • RFID Asset Tracking
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • Fleet & Vehicle Tracking
  • Personnel Tracking
  • Vehicle Tracking